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Green Glue for Walls & Ceilings

Green Glue is a water-based, viscoelelastic damping compound, with performance that is higher than any product of its type. Green Glue has a damping coefficient of 0.5 versus 0.1 for the competitive products. It dampens air and structure borne sound and can be used in virtually any drywall wall or ceiling assembly. Green Glue can also be used in plywood and OSB assemblies.


Green Glue is extremely easy to use –
No special trades or training required. Ideal for DIY applications.

  • Non toxic
  • No mixing required
  • Simple, familiar, "caulk gun" application
  • Considerably reduced application cost
  • Light material squeezes from tubes easily - low worker fatigue


Walls & Ceilings:

  • Improved sound isolation.
  • Outstanding low frequency isolation.
  • Eliminates short circuit risk in resilient channel walls.
  • Reduces impact sound.
  • High performance to low cost per square foot.
  • Thoroughly lab tested.

Other Applications:

  • Reduces impact noise in floors.
  • Quiets stairs and risers.
  • Dampens stage, platforms and other structures.
  • Ideal for loud speaker construction.


Easy to Install:

  • Dispenses in seconds.
  • Applied in random pattern.
  • No Measuring.
  • No Trowel.
  • Regular use of screws in the drywall assembly in accordance with local building codes.


440 SoundBarrier® controls sound in floors, walls and ceilings.

Independently lab tested and time-proven in millions of square feet of residential and commercial structures, 440 SoundBarrier® is a special-density, structural board made from 100 percent environmental Homasote® cellulose fiber, a homogeneous composition manufactured with uniformly distributed protection against termites, rot and fungi and resistance to moisture. It also insulates, with twice the R-value of wood.

Carpenters and do-it-yourselfers can easily install 440 SoundBarrier® in room partitions and peripheral walls, ceilings and floors, in:

  • single or multi-family housing
  • high and low-rise apartments and condominiums
  • motels
  • schools
  • professional buildings
  • assisted living facilities

440 SoundBarrier's Advantages

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to handle, cut and shape
  • Widely available in convenient sizes
  • Ready to apply directly to framing
  • Provides excellent noise attenuation when installed as recommended
  • Provides excellent, moisture-resistant thermal insulation


ThicknessAvailable SizesWeight
1/2" 4' x 4', 4' x 8',
4' x 9', 4' x 10'
1.2 lb/sq. ft.
5/8" 4' x 8', 4' x 10' 1.5 lb/sq. ft.
3/4" 4' x 8' 1.8 lb/sq. ft.

Typical Physical Properties

Density: 26-28 lb./ft.3
Tensile, parallel to surface (min.): 450-700 psi
Transverse M.O.R. (min.): 750-1000 psi
Hardness, Janka Ball (min.): 230 lbs.
Water absorption by volume (max.):
2 hrs. immersion
24 hrs. Immersion

Expansion from 50%-90%
relative humidity (max.):



Noise Reduction Coefficient: 0.20
Flame Spread: Class III (or C)

Floor/Ceiling Assemblies (UL L-500 Series) in which Homasote is Listed

L501 L502 L503 L504 L505
L506 L507 L508 L509 L510
L511 L512 L513 L514 L515
L516 L517 L518 L519 L520
L521 L522 L523 L524 L525
L526 L527 L528 L529 L532
L533 L534 L535 L536 L537
L538 L539 L540 L541 L542
L543 L544 L545 L546 L547
L548 L549 L550 L551 L552
L553 L555 L556 L559 L562
Genie Sound Isolation Clip

The Genie Sound Isolation Clip is a compact rubber / steel isolator that holds standard steel furring channel ( hat track). It breaks the transfer of both structural and airborne sound and can be used in virtually any wall or ceiling assembly that uses gypsum drywall. Performance starts at an amazing 20 point increase in the STC rating.

The Genie Clip outperforms all existing sound control assemblies. It offers significant construction cost savings by eliminating the need for staggered or double stud construction. An STC of 62 is obtainable with single stud construction. The clip has been extensively tested for numerous sound and fire ratings.

Wall Systems

Generic Wall Systems

Structural Isolation

ISO-SILL Acoustic Isolation Pads acts like a permanently resilient gasket used to reduce sound and vibration transfer through the building structures. Iso-sill can be used for wood and steel framing, or for concrete block or pour.
Iso-sill is manufactured with re-claimed rubber and is formulated with high damping acrylic polymers making it a “Green” product for LEED projects. The Iso-sill pad is manufactured to carefully controlled density standards for trusted long term service.Iso-sill is impervious to water, most chemicals and temperature change. Iso-sill will not rot or support mold.

Iso-sill can be installed with mechanical fasteners, polyurethane based construction adhesives, or a variety of thin-sets and mortars. Iso-sill anchor washers are available.



  • Factory slit to width and easily field cut to length with utility knives.
  • Unlike fiberglass it is not affected by moisture.
  • Used for both top and bottom plates.
  • Can be used for a wide range of loadings (1-50 psi).
  • Continuous resilient support of partition.
  • Unaffected by water.
  • Will not support mold growth.


  • Flanking of sound and structure borne vibration can significantly de-rate sound rated partitions for both wall and floor/ceiling assemblies.
  • Both STC (airborne) and IIC (impact noise) can be affected by more than 10 points as compared to non-flanked assemblies.
  • Iso-sill Acoustic Isolation Pad offers an easy and in-expensive solution for resiliently decoupling sound rated assemblies from other parts of the structure.
  • Iso-sill effectively breaks the connection between rated and non-rated assemblies resiliently isolating sound and vibration.
  • Iso-sill remains permanently elastic and is unaffected by water.
  • Iso-sill is used in continuous strips on both top and bottom plates to ensure the sound rated assembly will be decoupled and remain fully effective.
  • Isolated anchors washers (Model ISW) are used to isolate fasteners.

How To Specify

  • Can use mechanical fasteners or adhesives (PSA available).
  • Iso-sill is available in thicknesses of either 5 mm or 10 mm. It is provided slit to required widths.
  • Standard sizes are 1.25”, 1.5”, 3.5”, 5.5” and 8” + custom widths.
  • Model IS / 5 or 10 (indicates thickness) 3.5 (indicates width).
  • Iso-sill anchor washers’ standard 1-1/4” dia., 91/16” thick.
Barrier Material for Walls

Barrier materials can be installed behind the drywall over the wood studs in a wall application to control sound from transmitting from room to room.

Absorptive material is installed between the wood studs . Generally, 4 to 6 inches of standard fiberglass or mineral wool is sufficient. This will prevent resonance in the cavities between the wood studs. Plain or decoupled barrier material is then applied to the over top of the wood studs.

Drywall can be installed directly over the barrier material or in combination with the RSIC-1 Sound Isolation Clip System.

Barrier Material for Ceilings

Barrier material installed on the underside of the joists can be used to control sound from transmittting through the floor / ceiling assembly.

Absorptive material is installed in the spaces between the joists. Generally, 4 to 6 inches of standard fibreglass or mineral wool is sufficient. This will prevent resonance in the cavities between the joists. Plain or decoupled barrier material is then applied to the underside of the joists. Drywall can be installed directly over the barrier material or in combination with the RSIC-1 Sound Isolation Clip System.

Note: For heavy foot-fall or mechanical contact noise that is being produced on the upper floor, additional treatments may be required to decouple the finished floor. Please see Regupol-QT and Duracoustic Floor Underlayments for more details.