Kirei Acoustic Solutions

Kirei's two product lines; EchoPanel and AKUART offer a robust collection of acoustic solutions to improve sound and create beautiful spaces. Choose and design the acoustic element that fulfills your environmental needs.


Designed to enhance open ceiling spaces and relieve excess sound reverberation issues, the A-shaped ceiling element features a flat, clean bottom plane and seamless aesthetic. Hang EchoPanel A-Baffles in regular rows, random groupings, or with other baffle systems to create beautiful architectural design solutions. Available in 27 colors from neutral to vibrant tones. Customization is also available for your unique design concepts.


AKUART brings a new dimension to beautiful acoustics with a unique system of framed panels with a removable canvas to keep environments fresh and inspiring. Designers select from a variety of frame colors (with color matching available), and can customize panels with any digital design files, branded graphics, or high resolution stock or original photography.