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Acoustical Ceiling Baffles

Designed for simple, fast, cost efficient installation in large open areas where good sound absorption is desired.

Noise Absorption Baffles

A proven and effective soft absorber to reduce reverberation and ambient noise levels - for use in overhead and upper wall areas. Simple and economical to install and maintain.

The standard baffle consists of a loosely wrapped soft white 2 mil film enclosing a 1.5 lb./cu .ft. flexible glass fiber core. The ends are welded and sealed to exclude dirt and moisture. Each baffle is fitted with three plated grommets and supplied with three 16g galvanized steel wire hooks. The entire unit is lightweight, washable and light reflective.


System Advantages

Our baffles are non-invasive of the work area. easily installed using a hung onto a cable stretched between walls, columns or truss areas. Stand-off attachment application

Baffles are effective control the sound field by lowering the reverberation time and accelerating the decay of multiple reflective sound paths. This reduces incoherent noise that interferes with safe communication in the working environment. Baffle systems greatly improve the comfort within the work place by reducing stress.

Baffles are easily moved or repositioned to accommodate equipment and space changes in the working area: may be quickly taken down and re-installed for cleaning or other maintenance. The patterns and spacing are readily modified to allow for sprinkler and lighting requirement restrictions.

Special sizes and food grade covers such as tedlar are available custom fabricated for use in areas requiring resistance to bacteria and fungal growth e.g. Food processing operations, breweries, and animal shelters.

  • Any fabric -- any surface!
  • Fabric surfaces are easily replaceable
  • Conforms easily to curved walls
  • Curves are easily created on flat walls
  • Electrical, lighting, alarms and ventilation easily incorporated
  • Time saving! No waiting for job-site measurements. Cut and fit on-site!
  • Installs over gypsum, concrete, concrete block, paneling, vinyl, etc.
  • Panel sizes limited only by fabric dimensions, not sizes of available materials for wrapping.
  • Two year guarantee against defects in materials, workmanship and/or fabric sagging.
  • Very competitive pricing!


From the two original 1/2" extrusions and profiles, ACOUSTI-TRAC™ has evolved to include 4 profiles in both 1/2" thick and 1" deep fire rated PVC extrusions.

The ACOUSTI-TRAC™ extrusion forms the frame or outside edge of the desired panel. Corners are mitered and joints are butted together to create the framework. Within this framework, the Designer can specify numerous types of absorptive or reflective acoustic backings or tackable/acoustic materials, that correspond to the thickness of the PVC extrusions. Even magnetic surfaces have been specified to be installed within the ACOUSTI-TRAC™ PVC framework. Over the PVC framework and the specified acoustic/tackable material is the specified fabric, which is stretched taut while being inserted into the jaw and storage channel of the ACOUSTI-TRAC™ PVC extrusion. The PVC framework is neatly concealed, showing only the specified fabric finish to the panel. Combining the ACOUSTI-TRAC™ PVC extrusion with an acoustic/tackable core and a specified fabric completes the three components of the ACOUSTI-TRAC™ system. Brilliant & Simple! Simply Brilliant!

The ACOUSTI-TRAC™system is uniquely flexible and designed to accommodate any type of upholstered, acoustic, reflective or tackable core material. Unless specified otherwise, products listed below are standard acoustic cores:

  • Whispertone Wallboard (25mm)
    Rigid fiberglass board good for tackable and/or acoustic wall applications. Impact resilient.
  • Mineral ceiling tile (13mm)
    Rigid High Density perforated mineral fiber board, ideal for tackable and/or acoustic wall panel applications. High impact resistance.
  • 4.5# F.G.B. (25mm, 37mm, 50mm)
    Semi-rigid fiberglass acoustic board. Does not deteriorate with impact. Not suitable for tackboards.
  • 6# F.G.B. (25mm, 37mm, 50mm)
    High density fibreglass board used in special acoustic applications and where abuse is a consideration. Moderately tackable.

N.R.C. Rating: Based on sound absorption coefficients obtained by the American Society of Testing and Materials procedure C-423 (ASTM C-423). The N.R.C. is a simple average of sound absorption coefficients for the frequencies 250, 500, 1000 & 2000 Hz; the important ranges for speech.


Tectum Panels

Tectum Acoustic Panels are an ideal choice where walls and ceilings are subject to abuse and noise is a problem.

Tectum Acoustic Panels combine a unique textured appearance with unusual durability. Features include excellent sound absorption, lightweight structural strength and Class A/1 flame spread rating. The use of Tectum is very cost effective for a multitude of interior applications.

Tectum Panels are made of aspen wood fibers, bonded with an exclusive hydraulic cement binder. Few, if any other acoustical products can take the repeated abuse that Tectum panels can and still retain their good looks and structural integrity.

Tectum Acoustic Panels are easy to install on walls with conventional wood or drywall tools. Ceiling installations use standard grid suspension components. The natural or factory painted white panels provide a decorative interior finish. They can be field painted to match colour schemes without losing acoustical efficiency.


  • Reduces noise - NRC up to 1.00.
  • Class A/1 Flame Spread Rating.
  • Durability - Tough, abuse resistant.
  • R-Value - 1.75 / in. Can be field painted - for best results use an
    alkali-stable flat latex base paint spray applied
    (approx. 300 sq. ft. per gallon).
  • Easy to install - Wide variety of uses.
  • Economical.
  • Performance

**No asbestos is used in Tectum


It is recommended that Tectum used as wall panels be installed on wood or metal furring strips. Adding fiberglass between the furring strips will improve overall performance. All exposed panel edges should be beveled for best appearance.

Scrim Wrapped Absorber

The SWA panel is a durable and fire safe absorber designed to provide maximum performance in a wide variety of applications. The SWA Scrim Wrapped Absorber is a highly efficient tuned noise absorber designed for mid to low frequency absorption. Model SWA consists of a semi-rigid fiberglass core completely encapsulated within a 2 mil thick reinforced foil / polypropylene cover.

The absorber is available in standard sizes up to 4' X 8' and in thicknesses of 1 and 2 inches. NRC's are 0.75 and 0.94, respectively, when tested in a number 4 mounting (direct mounted).

SWA's "Flame Spread" and "Smoke Developed" ratings of 5 each provides suitability for applications requiring low flame and smoke emissions.

The board like absorbers offer good structural integrity and damage resistance. They can be used in temperatures ranging from -40 F to 450 F.

The SWA panel is a durable and fire safe absorber designed to provide maximum performance in a wide variety of applications:


  • NRC - Up to 0.94.
  • Tuned - for mid and low frequency response.
  • Fire Safe - Low smoke and flame characteristics.
  • Durable - Tear and puncture resistance. Offers oil and chemical resistance. Will not rot, shrink, or cause metal corrosion.
  • Custom Designs - Custom sizes and thicknesses. Available in reflective foil and bright white polypropylene facings.
  • Easy Installation - using adhesives or mechanical fasteners.
  • Wide Temperature Ranges - from - 40 F to 450 F.
  • Moisture Resistant
  • Cleanable - Steam cleanable. |
  • Environment Safe - Lead and asbestos free.


Wall Mounted Panels - reduces in-plant ambient noise levels.
Absorptive lining for existing metal housings.
Duct Lining
Engine Housing Liners
Excellent alternative to drop in ceiling tiles.

Quilted Absorption Panels

Acoustics West Quilted Absorption Panels

The AF series panel is a versatile noise control product that combines durable facings with quilted acoustic absorbers. Typical installation of quilted panels on factory wall. Panels can be easily site-cut and the edges rebound to fit around light switches, control panels and other obstructions.

High Performance Noise Control

Acoustics West AF is an attractive, fire rated absorption panel that can be easily attached to any 'hard surface' or hung as acoustic baffles. These quilted panels are designed to reduce reverberant (reflected) noise and absorb broadcast noise along transmission paths. They are ideal for surfaces in large open areas like factory walls and gymnasiums. Other treatments include noise absorbing liners for operator stations or equipment housings.

Panel Configuration

Acoustic glass fiber is quilted in a 'diamond' or 'straight' pattern and faced with a vinyl coated fiberglass cloth resistant to most industrial contaminants. The back of the panel is faced with a fire rated scrim - face goods optional on both surfaces. All panel edges are bound and fitted with grommets and Hook & Loop style fasteners as required.

  • Standard Thickness - 1" and 2" nominal with special orders for panels up to 4" thick.
  • Standard Width - From 54" roll goods, 50' long rolls in 1 inch absorber, 25' long rolls in 2 inch absorber. Custom sizes and shapes available.
  • Standard Facing - Minus 20° to 180°F temperature range.
  • Optional high temperature facing up to 550°F is available.
  • Colours - Silver/grey (standard) and optional beige.
  • Special panels can be made using different facings or films for specific environmental application.


  • Noise Absorbing Liners For Engine Compartments And Equipment Housings.
  • Absorptive Lining For Factory Walls Or Other Reflective Surfaces.
  • Attractive Suspended Baffles.
  • Decorative Cloth Facings For Architectural Applications.

Attractive Surface Finish
Vinyl coated fiberglass cloth is quilted directly to the fiberglass absorber using high strength thread. Available in attractive 'diamond' or 'straight' quilt pattern.

Common Styles

Illustration shows the composite layers of Acoustics West AF series panels.

  1. Vinyl Coated Fiberglass Cloth (Silver/Grey colour standard, beige available)
  2. 1" or 2" Acoustic Glass Fiber (quilted with cloth cover)
  3. Scrim or Optional Face Goods

CUSTOM PANELS can be manufactured to fit the interiors of equipment housing and cabinets. Quilted absorption panels are contamination resistant and suitable for low or high temperature applications.


Installation is fast and easy using standard mechanical fasteners. It is recommended that wall panels be installed on 1" or 2" furring strips or standoff tubes. This will allow panels to clear most piping and conduit. Performance can actually be increased by utilizing this air gap.

Absorption Coefficients / Frequency (Hz)
125 Hz
250 Hz
500 Hz
1000 Hz
2000 Hz
4000 Hz
Food Grade & Medical Baffles

Clean rooms require washable, cleanable, dust and fiber free supply materials. Clean rooms usually are designed with hard and reflective floor and wall treatments, which create a high level of reverberation or echo leading to poor speech intelligetability within the clean room. There are several acoustical products and supplies that can be used in clean room design to reduce noise from equipment to create a better working environment. We offer clean room wall panels, baffles and ceiling tiles that can be used with your clean room design to help control noise and vibrations.