About Acousti-Trac

In 1980, our product developers set upon designing an acoustic panel track system for the noise reducting stretch fabric panel market with engineers and industrial designers from a local extruding manufacturer. It had to be economical, easy to install and able to handle curved walls and circular applications with relative ease, as well as dependably secure to hold tight the various panel and upholstery fabrics available on the market. The rest, we might say, is history and ACOUSTI-TRAC™ was born! Four major profiles were developed; Bullnose, Square and Beveled edges, in addition to Ceiling Edge trac: an extrusion that works with the other profiles to fit tight into corners and up against finished ceilings. These profiles are produced in 1/2" and 1" versions, all made from a fire rated PVC extrusion.
We incorporate simple mechanical principals that not only hold the ACOUSTI-TRAC™ extrusions tightly to the wall; they also load the jaw with pressure to more securely hold the specified fabrics. We have designed a trademarked serrated jaw that comes together and interlocks, further adding to the security of the fabric installation. The jaw is accessible for ease of fabric insertion with the installation tool. Stretching and tensioning the fabric with the installation tool causes yet another resultant force on the jaw to again secure the fabric. By ensuring stringent quality control during the manufacturing process, ACOUSTI-TRAC™ extrusions do not shatter or split during installation on gypsum surfaces when using standard staples at the correct air pressure . With these innovations ACOUSTI-TRAC™ has been a success from the start!

ACOUSTI-TRAC™ extrusions form a framework or outside edge for the desired panel dimensions. Corners are mitered and joints are butted together to create the finished shape. Within this framework, the Designer can specify numerous types of absorptive or reflective acoustic backings or tackable/acoustic materials that correspond to the profile thickness of the ACOUSTI-TRAC™ extrusions (i.e;1/2",1",11/2",2",etc.). Even magnetic surfaces have been specified to be installed within the ACOUSTI-TRAC™ framework. After the panel is loaded with the specified acoustical/tackable material, the specified fabric can then be stretched taught while being inserted into the retention jaw and storage channel of any of the four ACOUSTI-TRAC™ profiles. The outer edge of the framework is neatly concealed, showing only the specified fabric finish to the panel. Combining ACOUSTI-TRAC™ with an acoustic/tackable core and a specified fabric completes the three components of the ACOUSTI-TRAC™ acoustic panel system.

Brilliant & Simple! Simply Brilliant!

After twenty four years of successful installations across Canada and North America with our associate dealers , Acoustics West Manufacturing Ltd is dedicated to providing the best in customer service with product installation support as well as an extensive knowledge of specifications and job sourcing techniques. Stephen Heal, the President of Acoustics West Manufacturing Ltd., is also President of Acoustics West Installations Ltd which has been a dealer of ACOUSTI-TRAC™ for more than fourteen years . We know the products incredible capabilities and applications in the acoustics field and so will you. Contact us today.